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Humanity likes to think of themselves at the top of the food chain. In reality, nature abhors imbalance, and many Vampire scholars believe that the vampire race was the inevitable result of such a powerful and intelligent species—nature needed to keep them in check. Vampires have evolved alongside, and indeed, in synchrony with, humanity since the dawn of man. Whether it was stalking hunter-gatherer tribes across the continent, or settling in cities, or taking part on the battle field, scavenging off the remains of deadly warfare, so long as there have been humans, there have been vampires. Their numbers have always been in tandem w/ humanity—the more people there are, the more vampires there are.

Social Organization

Vampires have as varied and unique as humans are. Some vampires prefer the company of their fellows, and live in organized groups known as |Covens. These social organizations promote a hierarchical organization within the Coven. The strongest vampire is the leader. As a general rule, the older a vampire is, the stronger they are (although there are some notable exceptions—for example, being entombed in silver (a classic punishment among vampires) will often rob a vampire of their strength for an extended period of time). Thus, usually the Padre (the leader of a coven), is the oldest vampire. The concept of The Padre has been borrowed from Ancient Roman culture, which did and continues to exert enormous cultural influence over vampires. The Roman Empire was a feeding-frenzy for vampires, and those vampires old enough to remember reminisce fondly about “the good old days”.

Other vampires travel/live/hunt alongside a handful of other creatures. These groupings also have a Padre, or a leader, but there is generally more opportunity for free speech (and defiance) within these small groups. Almost always nomadic, these groups are usually composed of Blood-Kin (as a general rule, vampires will only tolerate their Blood-Kin in a confined space for an extended period of time), although there have been instances of humans and werewolves joining.

And some vampires are loners, stalking the night on their own, for some reason or another.

History of Vampires

As mentioned above, Vampires have been around almost as long as humanity itself. Vampire scholars have traced vampire origins to around the same time as the Homo genus evolved. Evolving alongside humanity, vampires served to keep the human populations in check for millennia until the Industrial Revolution. Essentially, wherever humanity could be found, vampires were there, lurking in the night, culling the population of the weak and the sick. As human social organization advanced and became more and more complex, so too did the vampires.

The first Vampire Empire rose alongside the Assyrian empire. In the wake of the bloodshed of the Assyrians mighty conquest, lurked the Vampire race. Centuries after the Assyrians fell, the Vampire Empire stood firmly in place, and would remain powerful for centuries.

Greece, Egypt, China, Russia and Africa were the primary centres of Vampire activity throughout the Ancient World. In Africa, most vampires worked independently or in small groups. But on the Eurasian continent, increased trade and travel routes, combined with the many empires and settlements that rose and fell, meant that Covens were the preferred type of habitation.

Vampires in Alcerbius

Small Box, gun powder and colonialism wasn’t the only thing Europeans brought over to the New World with them. Vampires were instrumental in drumming up the resources to fund the first voyages. In fact, Don Andreas of Spain, a legend in the vampire community, is credited with encouraging Queen Isabella to pursue the exploration.

Although human habitation did not arrive in the Alcerbius Valley until the very late 1700s, vampires were aware of the significance of the area since exploration first brought them into Upper Canada. In fact, it was a vampire who sealed the deal on the Canal development, for the very purpose of populating the area. Thus, vampires have a very special relationship with Alcerbius. It is the centre of vampire activity in North America. Vampires have always been involved in the bureaucracy and politics of Alcerbius, and are determined to maintain their stranglehold on the city.

Important Locations in Alcerbius for Vampires

House of Government
Hotel Paramount
The Estates


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